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september 07, 2021 By root In Anders
when to go to a chiropractor
Feeling Invincible It was twenty years ago or so when I first saw a chiropractor. I thought I was invincible, like most young people. I bent down to pick up something quite light and had no problem. Then it went through my back. I felt incredible pain. It was so painful that it was difficult [&helli...

Headache Relief

september 07, 2021 By root In Anders
Helping Headaches Through Chiropractic
Understanding Headaches To get rid of headaches, you need to understand them. First of all, they are not normal. In fact, more than two per year is a sign that something is wrong. Still, so many of our clients say they have one or two headaches per week before they visit us. Different types of [&hel...

Acid Reflux Relief

september 07, 2021 By root In Anders
how to manage acid reflux
What’s That Burning Feeling? There are countless reasons why you might feel on fire after a meal. That burning and aching sensation in your stomach, throat, and chest is not normal. It’s called acid reflux, and if you’ve ever experienced it, then you know it’s not fun. We&#82...

Chiropractische Zorg bij Migraine

augustus 12, 2020 By In Anders
Wat is er aan de Hand bij Migraine. Het is één van de meest voorkomende klachten in Nederland: Migraine.Meer dan een kwart miljoen mensen in Nederland.....

Kom jij dit Top-Team versterken?

november 14, 2018 By Jose In Anders
Dit team van Toppers zoekt nieuwe collega’s. Wil jij een uitdagende job, waarin je veel nieuwe dingen leert, maar tevens de mogelijkheid hebt om het ......