Chiropractors Aren’t Only for People in Pain

oktober 29, 2021 By root In Anders
Do you know something I think is just crazy? It’s waiting until everything falls apart before you take action or do something about it. People will say, “Wait, isn’t the chiropractor someone I go to when I’m hurt,” or “My kids don’t need to see Dr. Travis. T...

Improves Mobility & Function

oktober 12, 2021 By root In Anders
Did you know everything in your body is connected, just like these rubber bands?There are only two ways to break a rubber band: overextend and use. If you do like a used up one that gets overextend or that you overextend one that’s already tight. And your muscles are the same way.At TopChiro w...

Attitude Adjustment

oktober 12, 2021 By root In Anders
I just got a chiropractic correction and it feels so good. We call it an attitude adjustment. At TopChiro, we do the same thing for hundreds of clients every day. You know, sometimes we feel a little bit cranky or stressed or a little bit sore, tender and this takes a lot out of our […]...

Strengthens The Immune System

september 30, 2021 By root In Anders
chiropractic corrections can boost your immune system
The so-called flu season is around the corner. This is when they tell us that season of germs, viruses, and bacteria are more prevalent. I’m here to tell you that’s not the truth. Those same bacteria, viruses, and germs, they’re here with us all the time. The only reason we have a ...

Body Heals Itself Naturally

september 30, 2021 By root In Anders
If you can answer all five of these questions, you probably know the secret to life. Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever had a cut? Have you ever been bruised? I doubt anyone hasn’t. What happened next? That’s right, you got better because the body heals itself. It all happens wit...

10 Years Of TOPCHIRO!

september 07, 2021 By root In Anders
topchiro chiropractors anniversary
This month is a very special month…. We’re celebrating TEN years of TOPCHIRO service! That’s ten great years of service to the people of the Netherlands, helping improve the quality of their lives, helping them live a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle. We have helped so many peopl...