Chiropractors Only Treat Back Pain?

september 27, 2021 By root In Blog
  Rant time! I just have to get it off my chest. I think this is incredibly insane, maybe even crazy. And that’s the idea that people go to a chiropractor only when they have pain. Why I think this is crazy is because only 10% of your nervous system is even capable of feeling […]...

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment & Why Is It So Powerful?

september 07, 2021 By root In Blog
What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment
Busting Myths People think some crazy stuff about what a chiropractic correction does, so let’s get it straight. Corrections are performed using the hands, and sometimes they are assisted by a small tool or a special table. The goal of the corrections is to realign the spine to restore functio...

Adjustments Grind & Crack Your Bones?

september 07, 2021 By root In Blog
do chiropractic corrections crack your back
Don’t chiropractic corrections snap, pop, or crack your bones? No, they don’t. Cracking is not the goal of a chiropractic correction, but it does happen sometimes. When there’s little air bubbles in the joints and we make a correction to that joint, you may hear some noise. Some cl...

Feeling On Fire

september 07, 2021 By root In Blog
chiropractic care prevents burning feeling in back, neck, spine
Feeling The Burn! We get lots of clients come in and say to us, “Hey, doc, it feels like I’m on fire!” Whether it’s their neck. their lower back, their shoulder or hip, they just say it feels like there’s a fire burning in there. That’s definitely not a comfortabl...

Life Is Like A Light

september 07, 2021 By root In Blog
life is like a light topchiro chiropractors
Electricity in Your Home If you just bought a house or an apartment, you probably checked a few things: the plumbing to make sure the water is going, the paint, and the insulation. Most importantly, I’m certain you checked the electrical system. You want to make sure that everything’s fu...

Chiropractoren in de Tour de France

februari 26, 2021 By Jose In Blog
De menselijke mechaniekers van de Tour de France. De tour de France is een spektakel dat zijn weerga niet kent. Een tocht van drie weken door Frankrijk, over glooiende heuvels, vlakke brede wegen en geitenpaadjes de bergen in. De Tour biedt een schitterend uitzicht op het ene na het andere chateau e...