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Chiropractors Only Know About The Spine?

Chiropractors Only Know About The Spine?

Many of our clients ask a few common questions:

– What are the qualifications for a chiropractor?

– What is the education required to become a chiropractor, and is it just as much as a medical doctor?

– Is it a weekend certification, or does being a chiropractor require a degree?

The path to becoming a chiropractor is very similar to a medical doctor.

We have the same background in anatomy and physiology.

In fact, I’ve probably spent more time in anatomy labs than most people you know.

While I may not be using a stethoscope and listening to your heart or looking in your mouth and ears, it is important that we have this background knowledge so that we know you’re in the right place.

We want to know that chiropractic is right for you and it can help you.

If not, we know that we can send you to the right place.

As chiropractors, we’re required to be primary care physicians.

The medical doctors specialize in medicine and surgery, which is important for crisis or a life-saving situation.

While there’s a lot of similarities in the background education, chiropractors are concerned with taking care of you in a more natural way and a bit more conservatively, to see how far we can get you moving freely and living your life as best as you can.

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