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The First Time You Went To The Chiropractor

The First Time You Went To The Chiropractor

My First Visit

I will never forget my first appointment with a chiropractor.

I injured myself at work after lifting something heavy. The pain was so intense that I had difficulty breathing.

Luckily, one of my colleagues recommended chiropractic care. He brought me to the chiropractor, and the chiropractor went to work.

Immediately the pain was reduced. I could breathe and I didn’t need help walking anymore.

Going Forward & Asking Questions

At first, I went 3 times a week for 9 weeks to get corrections.

It turned out I have some other underlying problems and other parts of my neck and back needed correction as well.

My background prior to chiropractic is a degree in philosophy and biology. In philosophy, we study logic and how to ask questions — we were very skeptical.

With biology, I knew quite a bit about health and the body and how everything worked.

I asked, “How does this work?”

It led me to the inevitable conclusion that chiropractic is the most effective, efficient form of natural health care that I’ve ever heard of.

I couldn’t argue with it anymore. She understood exactly what she was doing.

All of it made perfect sense to me, which appealed to me both philosophically and biologically.

That was my experience, and I’ve seen that same experience, or similar to it, with the thousands of clients that we’ve helped over the last ten years here at TOPCHIRO.

If you want to have one of those experiences yourself or you’re struggling with health conditions, just give us a call!

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