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Cracking Your Back Is The Same Thing?

Cracking Your Back Is The Same Thing?

I hear this a lot: “Dr. Travis, isn’t cracking myself the same as a chiropractic correction?”


First, chiropractic is not about “the crack.”

Those are just air pockets.

In fact, you’re constantly having to crack yourself because you’re not actually fixing the problem.

Think about it like this.

Do you drill your own teeth or prescribe your own medicine?

Cracking yourself may only last 20 minutes, and then you do it again.

Chiropractic corrections last hours to weeks, and when you’re healthy, even months.

Second, feeling the need to crack yourself is a sign that you need to come see us.

Some of our corrections don’t make noise, but they make a real change.

So no, cracking yourself is not the same thing as chiropractic.

In fact, it can cause more of a problem.

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