Kristine Boe Friksen

Kristine Boe Friksen

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Kristine Boe Friksen

Grew up in Lofoten Islands in Norway. Usually on a mountain top somewhere or in the water, surfing or sailing. Studied in Wales for 5 years. Ironically ended up in the flattest country on earth and discovered that I love farmer’s markets and oma fietsen. Have played football all my life and recently discovered kickboxing.

Always been fascinated by movement. How if we move too much we start to ache and how if we move too little we eventually lose the ability to move.

Formal education on children and elderly.

Love working with children and athletes. Improving function and quality of life through chiropractic.


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“Movement is something we take for granted until we lose the ability to.”

– Kristine Boe Friksen

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