Dylan Kennelly

Dylan Kennelly

Chiropractor Veldhoven

Dylan Kennelly

My name is Dylan Kennelly. I come from a small town in North Carolina which is located in southern United States.

I started playing rugby at a young age and through my coach I was introduced to chiropractic care. I attended Life University for undergraduate studies. During that time we won 3 rugby national titles.

In 2016 I started the Chiropractic program at Life university and in 2020 I graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. I moved to the Netherlands in the year of 2021 and since then I have been serving the Veldhoven community!

I love what I do and I am excited to continue providing TopChiropratic care to the people of Veldhoven.


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“Chiropractic deals with all the things that your body has to do, how you perform, how you drive, how you make a salad, how fast you can read and how well you can remember things.”
Reggie Gold

– Dylan Kennelly

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