Clara Pedron

Clara Pedron

Chiropractor Amsterdam

Clara Pedron

My name is Clara and I’m coming from a small medieval town of the north of France, just at one hour from Paris. Growing up, I was surrounded by this wonderful historical architecture, and I couldn’t see myself living in a city that doesn’t have it’s own story: Amsterdam with it’s lovely buildings and it’s thrilling past, was made for me.

Before I landed in the Netherlands, I made my 6 years chiropractic studies at IFEC, in Paris.

My choice of being a chiropractor has been motivated by my wish to “care” for others, and I found in chiropractic the best way to do so: helping people to be the healthiest they can be, by improving their spinal function.

Alongside my studies, I have decided to do a master degree in psychology and sportive performance. Being a horse rider myself since my 7 years old, it was important for me to have a better understanding of athletes and how to help them progress thanks to chiropractic.

Since then, I’m working in the clinic of TOPCHIRO Amsterdam, where I help others to enhance their lives, thanks to chiropractic.


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“Chiropractic is a wonderful means of natural healing!”
Bob Hope

– Clara Pedron

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