A Medical Doctor Must Refer You To A Chiropractor?

A Medical Doctor Must Refer You To A Chiropractor?

When I was growing up, I was always told, “you need to consult with a medical professional.” Is it a conversation across the desk and a new pharmaceutical prescription the best that we can do for our health?

I began to think that it wasn’t. I’m glad I learned that.

Now I’m a chiropractor, and you don’t need to be referred by a medical doctor to come see me.

Although every year, more and more medical doctors are sending some of their clients to chiropractors, and I suspect in the future, even more will, and some of those medical doctors are doing great work.

For instance, one of my good friends did some dental surgery for me.

While most of them are focused on pharmaceuticals, prescriptions, procedures that help minimize our symptoms, at TOPCHIRO and with chiropractic care, we focus more on natural health and wellness.

What we want is to do the best we can to help you avoid pharmaceutical prescriptions, high insurance premiums, and this regular, persistent pain all on your own.

That’s what we want to do at TOPCHIRO. We’re looking to help you optimize your health the best you can before you go looking out for something else.

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