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How can chiropractic care help with radiating back pain?


Back pain comes in many forms and grades. This means that there are great differences within presentation, cause and, of course, appropriate care. After all, a muscle problem requires totally different care than a problem of the vertebrae.

In many cases, however, back pain involves (much) more than a single complaint. This is especially true when the pain also radiates. So if you have back pain with accompanying radiating pain, it is important to seek proper help for this in a timely manner. In fact, there will probably be a problem with the spinal nerves.

We would like to explain to you better how we deal with this within our chiropractic practice.

What exactly is meant by radiating back pain?

When someone steps on your fingers, you naturally feel pain in your fingers. You feel the pain at the location of the injury. This is different with radiating pain. There, you not only feel pain in the place where the damage or disturbance is present, you also feel the pain in another place in your body.

We often see this in problems with nerves. When a nerve is pinched, it causes localized pain at the site of the pinch. But a nerve can also cause symptoms in another place in your body. This is where the nerve runs to. You may also feel pain in that area because the nerve running to it is affected.

Common causes of radiating back pain

We described above how radiating pain is often caused by a nerve. Therefore, in almost all cases of radiating back pain, it is the nerve that causes the symptoms. But we want to know why this nerve is causing symptoms.

When a nerve becomes disrupted or irritated, it can cause symptoms such as radiating pain. However, to properly care for these complaints, it is important to first get clear on the reason for that disruption or irritation.

There are several causes underlying an irritated nerve. In most cases, this is because another structure presses on the nerve. This could be a muscle that is cramped, a vertebra that is unbalanced or an intervertebral disc that is bulging (herniated disc).

There are also other possible causes such as intoxication or, of course, a combination of factors.

The physical examination and any chiropractic scan will reveal these issues, allowing us to create a personalized and targeted care plan.

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Our care for radiating back pain

It may sound strange, but we do not focus our care on reducing symptoms. Our primary goal is to improve your health. We want to put your body in the right conditions that it can repair itself. We want to create the right conditions and remove barriers so that your body’s natural restorative power can do its job.

We can do this by taking care of subluxations, by restoring the balance of vertebrae through manipulations, or by helping you with healthy posture or better ways of moving.

In particular, the combination of multiple factors is very powerful. Therefore, we will make every effort to balance your spine and keep the nervous system working optimally. Again, we do not do that. We only bring in the right conditions.

High-quality care by chiropractic experts

We do not work according to dated protocols or with regulations where large companies have had influence. We work according to proven principles and on the basis of proven techniques.

This ensures that chiropractic offers a unique form of care that regularly produces stunning results. We ourselves are not easily surprised anymore, as we are allowed to experience the wonderful opportunities with chiropractic almost daily.

We also want to help you, no matter how long the symptoms have been present. To do this, all you need to do is contact us. We will then inform you further about your personal options.