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Headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines


Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. The pain is often oppressive and is usually located on both sides of the head. It also happens that the pain is only on one side of the head. In tension headaches, the muscles in the neck and upper back are often very tense. This tension often radiates to the head and can contribute to headaches.


The chiropractor examines what is triggering the headache and applies pressure techniques to bring the body back into balance. When the muscles in the neck are less tense, the headaches will gradually subside.

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What to expect


During the intake, we will discuss your symptoms in detail and perform a scan of the spine. We show the results and we explain where subluxations occur and exactly what that means.

We also look at your posture and muscle tone. After the examination, you will immediately receive your first correction. Often quite a relief after which you will experience more freedom of movement.

Intensive Period

We will always recommend an intensive start-up period. Whether you suffer from many symptoms or not, it is important that your body learns to adopt and maintain proper posture. When there is too much time between the first corrections, it is more difficult to build this memory.

Once your spine gets used to the new alignment, we enter a less intense phase.

Maintenance phase

Usually, after the intensive period, it is enough to return monthly for what we call “maintenance. In fact, due to everyday stresses of life, we all get “stuck” on a regular basis. Some people like to come more often or less often.

What works for you is very personal, we will find out what works well for you.

Chiropractic also works well for

Shoulder Pain

Clients with shoulder pain often feel the effects of irritation of the soft tissue around the joint associated with muscles, tendons, joint capsules and bursas.


Wear and tear, also called osteoarthritis, on the spine is what plaque is to teeth: even if we brush and do our best to prevent it, deposits can still form on teeth. With osteoarthritis, the cartilage that sits between the vertebrae becomes less. Thus, nothing can be done about the osteoarthritis itself, but a regular visit to the chiropractor can greatly reduce osteoarthritis symptoms, thereby providing relief.

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