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Complaints in children

Complaints in children


The most common causes of symptoms in children are:

  • recklessness: children run, fall and get up again.
  • carrying heavy school bags and poor posture in class.
  • a congenital position deviation of the foot, pelvis or spine.
  • a difficult childbirth resulting in symptoms from babyhood, such as poor sleep.


The chiropractor can also be significant when other types of complaints arise. For example: reflux, excessive crying, poor sleep, eczema and allergies.

Our spine protects the nervous system which is connected to the brain. If there are subluxations (blockages) here, nerves are pinched off, reducing the ability to heal. So subluxations are not the cause of the symptoms, but they can get in the way of healing.

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What to expect


During the intake we will discuss your child’s symptoms in detail, however, no scan is done in children. Through a physical examination, we explain where subluxations occur and exactly what that means for your little one’s health.

We also look for any preferred posture and misalignment. After the examination, the child immediately receives the first correction. This is done in a very gentle and cautious manner. Furthermore, we take all the time to make the child feel at ease. If the child is a little younger, the parent takes a seat on the couch together with the child.

Intensive Period

Based on the complaints, we can give a recommendation regarding a possible intensive phase. Children who get there early are naturally less likely to need treatment to resolve any problems.

Maintenance phase

After any intensive period, it is enough to return monthly for what we call “maintenance. In fact, due to everyday stresses of life, we all get “stuck” on a regular basis.

Babies also regularly get subluxations from falling while playing, for example, and for optimal health it is important to have them corrected.

Chiropractic also works well for

Back pain or herniated disc

Suffering from back pain? Then the chiropractor is the best solution for better functioning of the spine. Even with a herniated disc, the chiropractor is the right place to help relieve your symptoms.

Back pain can manifest itself in a variety of ways and often involves multiple symptoms as well.
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Headaches and migraines

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. The pain is often oppressive and is usually located on both sides of the head. It also happens that the pain is only on one side of the head. In tension headaches, the muscles in the neck and upper back are often very tense. This tension often radiates to the head and can contribute to headaches.

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