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Michael Liscombe

Michael Liscombe

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Michael Liscombe

I grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada along the Rocky Mountains.

My favorite hobbies include sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, trail running and skiing.
With such hobbies, I have always had chiropractic care to support me. It has always been an integral part of my life.
I have seen time and again the miraculous healing power the body has when it has a free, uninhibited nervous system.
If there is 100% communication between body and mind, I truly believe we can heal from anything.

Far too many people are told they are not enough and that they need drugs, pills and surgeries to be healthy.
I am here to give people hope and show them that they are all they need to heal, grow and evolve into the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

It is my passion to reconnect people with the life they want to live, uninhibited by pain, suffering and illness.
Sometimes all it takes is an adjustment to get you back on the path to health.

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“Nature needs no help, just no disturbance.”

B.J. Palmer

– Michael Liscombe

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