Boost your immune system with Chiropractic Care

Those who have spoken with our chiropractors before or who read our articles more often know that chiropractic does not offer "treatments." However, this does not mean that chiropractic care can not help you get rid of pain or other symptoms. The way chiropractic addresses physical discontent is different from many other health professionals. Instead of suppressing a specific symptom (painkillers) or disrupting a system entirely (medications with side effects), a chiropractor looks for opportunities to give the body itself the chance to recover. This involves a search for better health and not an attempt to address one specific thing.

This is also the way chiropractors operate during the current corona crisis. We do not offer a cure for corona infection itself, but we can help you improve your defenses (immune system) so that you are less susceptible to infections in general.


The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.


Effect of Chiropractic on Immune Cells and Signaling Substances

In previous articles you can read how the body can flourish when specific neurological problems are corrected. Taking care of subluxations allows the body to recover and function optimally in many areas.

This effect can also be there for the immune system. In our immune system, there are dozens of different types of cells (immune cells or white blood cells) that work together to protect the body from invaders such as viruses and bacteria. In addition to dozens of cells, there are also hundreds of different substances involved in the immune system. On the one hand, these have a signaling function and ensure communication between cells; on the other hand, some molecules are also directly involved in the immune system.

Interleukin-2 is an example of such a named signaling substance. This molecule is involved in regulating the activity of immune cells. As you can imagine, this molecule is therefore important in times when our immune system may be tested.

We are therefore proud that it has been shown that the concentration of this important activator of immune cells, increases after receiving chiropractic corrections. You can find the article about this here. hier vinden.


Chiropractic and better Immunity

It's hard to put numbers on things like immunity and defenses. It's easy to compare weight and height, for example, but how do you compare happiness or hunger?

So in the same way, it is difficult to score the immune system for effectiveness and for efficiency.

However, it is easy to imagine that taking care of disturbances or even blockages in the control of the immune system can have a great effect. By ensuring that the immune system is effectively controlled by a properly functioning nervous system, you can at least be sure that the body does not suffer from a nervous system that is not up to the task.

We mentioned to you earlier the example of the increase in not only specific immune cells but even signaling substances that regulate the activity of immune cells. Both increase after a chiropractic correction. The possible cause of this is the undisturbed ability of the nervous system to function.


Chiropractic at a time of Health Crisis

Especially in this day and age, it is therefore more important than ever to get your immune system in order as best you can. This is not a guarantee that you will not contract diseases, it is extra care for a system that nature designed to keep us safe.