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What can a chiropractor do for lumbago symptoms?

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Of all the forms of back pain, lumbago is perhaps the most annoying. In fact, lumbago can occur very acutely, causing you to suddenly suffer a lot. This can make you unable to continue certain activities or require painkillers.

This, of course, is neither a desirable situation nor a healthy one. A healthy body does not send out pain signals. So when you suffer from lumbago, something is wrong.

We want to help you explore and take care of this. We do this through a thorough chiropractic examination with subsequent personalized treatment. With this, we not only want to reduce the acute symptoms, we want to make sure that the lumbago never returns.

What is covered by the complaint/condition “lumbago”?

Lumbago is a vernacular term. This refers to a sudden attack of back pain. The distinctive feature of lumbago is that it can suddenly “shoot into your back.”

Spit can occur when you bend down to tie your laces, when you get up from your chair or when you jump over a puddle of water on the street. So it is almost always an unexpected movement that causes the back pain.

In this, then, lumbago is different from low back pain that develops gradually. Also, with lumbago, there is usually little to no radiating pain. Whereas with a herniated disc or with sciatica there is radiating pain to the buttocks or legs, with lumbago there is at most some radiation to the buttocks or upper legs. The pain is usually present for several days to several weeks. During this period, the pain often decreases gradually.

Not only do we want our care to make the pain go away much faster, we also want to make sure the attacks don’t come back. To understand how we do this, it’s important to know what’s going on with lumbago.

What causes pain in lumbago?

With lumbago, the pain comes from a pinched nerve, as is the case with a herniated disc. In lumbago, the pain is believed to come largely from cramping of the back muscles. This cramping also causes the vertebrae to get stuck. The whole back region is stuck and gives pain, a lot of pain.

Although lumbago seems to develop very acutely, it actually does not. Lumbago is more like the cork shooting out of the bottle. Pressure and tension are first built up over a long period of time, then suddenly a limit is reached and the body reacts.

Suddenly the back muscles cramp from the accumulated pressure and the whole back is stuck. In many cases, damage to an intervertebral disc is the trigger. Overuse can deform the intervertebral discs, causing them to irritate the muscles of the back.

As a result, these muscles become sprained and cramped, creating even more tension in the region. This can also cause vertebrae to cramp and even subluxations.

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Our care in the event of a lumbago attack

Because the main structures that give complaints in lumbago are the back muscles, our therapy focuses on the muscles of the back. With exercises and manipulations (cracking), we create space for the back muscles and make them more flexible. This provides immediate pressure relief.

At least as important is preventing future attacks from recurring. We do this by reducing back strain. By improving the balance of the vertebrae, pressure is better distributed and the back is less stressed.

The combination of taking care of acute pain and preventing new attacks makes chiropractic a particularly powerful therapy for lumbago symptoms.

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