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Optimal Health Through Regular Visits Chiropractor

Optimal Health Through Regular Visits Chiropractor

What does the chiropractor do again?

The chiropractor is an expert on the human body and health. This knowledge is often combined with considerable experience in the areas of care, nutrition and quality of life.

Whereas chiropractors are known to some people primarily as bone crackers, the essence of the chiropractor’s care is to fix and prevent subluxations.

These subluxations are disruptions in nerve transmission that cause parts of the body to function less well.

Remedying Physical Complaints

The chiropractor will never say he is curing you. In fact, the body does this itself. The role of chiropractor is supportive here. Clearing blockages (subluxations) gives the body a chance to heal and repair itself.

In fact, often disturbances in nerve pathways are the reason for disorders. When an organ, limb or part of your body is not receiving the proper signals and control from your neurological system (the nerves), this part is not functioning optimally.

Fixing the disruption or subluxation then allows the body to return to full function and repair itself.


The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
prevention of symptoms is the specialty of chiropractic….

Preventing Physical (Mental) Complaints.

Now we come to the equally important second aspect of chiropractic. Preventing complaints. Our body has amazing strength and vitality. With chiropractic, we empower the body to harness this strength.

This means helping the body to function optimally. We do this by preventing or taking care of blockages in the nerves at a very early stage.

By preventing these blockages, the body performs optimally and heals itself.

The Importance of Regular Chiropractic Checkups

When servicing your car, you don’t just visit when your car brakes badly or the engine doesn’t run well. There are regular turns and checks such as MOT.

In these control moments, small problems are solved at an early stage and thus worse problems are prevented.

This same effect regular chiropractic checkups have on your body. We check that your nerves can do their job optimally.

What do Regular Chiropractic Checkups look like?

These checks need not be long. Especially if you visit a chiropractor regularly, small corrections are enough to monitor your health. This can mean that an investment of just a few minutes per month can prevent a lot of health problems!

Investing in Your Health at TOPCHIRO

TOPCHIRO has prevention and protecting optimal health as the focus of its care. Therefore, we are happy to welcome you for an initial examination or for periodic checkups.

If you are already experiencing physical discomfort, you can turn to our specialists for best possible chiropractic care.

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