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Make it a Chiropractic Healthy new year!

Make it a Chiropractic Healthy new year!

Stress Comes from Different Factors

First it was a quick finish of the last work and then the holidays could begin. And before you know it, the holidays will be over again. You probably spent more than you can and ate and drank more than is good for you.

So it’s time again for good intentions and for a stern hand.

You are back in full swing at work or studying and trying to keep your good intentions. Like the familiar healthier eating and more exercise.

So first you had the stress of the holidays, and now there may be more stress added by the work that has lingered and the pressure to make good on your resolutions.


The chiropractor corrects misalignments of the spine, reducing your stress.

Why Chiropractic for your Loved One

Besides the stress caused by your work and all the holidays, there are also constant signals from your environment. Throughout the day, you get all kinds of messages on your phone. All kinds of information comes solicited (or unsolicited!) from all sides, and advertising in all forms can influence and make you uncertain.

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Constantly we are exposed to choices and to influences.

We are always working on the latest fad or gadgets. All of this can cause you to become tremendously stressed. And stress causes many people to live unhealthier lives.

But, do you know that you really don’t have to remove all stress from your life to be healthy?

It is not stress itself that damages. It is a person’s inability to adapt to stress that really causes serious health problems.

Less Stress with Help from a Chiropractor

As a chiropractor, I am constantly dealing with patients who have problems adjusting to certain types of stress.

Normally, people are able to adapt physiologically to different forms of stress. This happens because their brains tell the organs and cells in their bodies how to make certain biochemical substances. These substances enable people to survive in constantly stressful environments.

The nervous system in a human being is responsible for sending messages from the brain to various organs and cells.

Sometimes those messages are disrupted when vertebrae in a person are shifted out of their proper position. This condition is far more common than the average person can imagine!

Seven out of 10 people you meet on the street are probably walking around with at least one of these misalignments. We call these disturbances; subluxations

Once the vertebrae in the back are out of alignment, vital messages going to and from the brain become distorted. This makes a person unable to adapt well to physical, chemical and emotional stresses.

These abnormalities are often painless, but the damage they can cause after a few years is alarming!

Healthy into the New Year with TOPCHIRO

Chiropractors are health professionals who know how to correct spinal misalignment. This does allow patients to readjust to all types of stress.

It is my hope that everyone will resolve this year to have their spine checked by a qualified chiropractor! This prevents so much misery!

If more people would make visiting a chiropractor a New Year’s resolution (and actually do it!). Then fewer people would have problems adapting to stress.

Combine this goal with the good intention to live healthier and more sensibly and you are on your way to a “Healthy and Happy New Year”!

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