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How can a chiropractor help with a tilted pelvis?

How can a chiropractor help with a tilted pelvis?

How can a chiropractor help with a tilted pelvis?

The pelvis is an important connector in the body. When symptoms develop there, it can impact a variety of everyday tasks. There can be several reasons why the pelvis is tilted and a chiropractor is the one who can help you regain a healthy position of the pelvis.

How does a tilted pelvis occur?

With a tilted pelvis, the hips are uneven. One half of the pelvis is then higher than the other half, making it appear that the legs differ in length. Sometimes this is the direct cause of pelvic misalignment, but this is not always the case. There can be many other causes why the pelvis is tilted.

Trauma or major impact can also cause the pelvis to tilt. Consider, for example, an accident or childbirth. In addition, factors such as muscle weakness, prolonged stress, spinal blocks, incorrect posture or a problem in one of the weights under the pelvis may have caused the misalignment.

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Hip pain

The symptoms of a tilted pelvis

Because the pelvis is the connector between the upper and lower body, there are many different complaints you might suffer from when the pelvis is misaligned. This is because the body will try to compensate for the misalignment in order to continue to perform everyday tasks properly. It does so by twisting or bending along in the other joints. In the long run, this can cause pain because it causes an unnatural posture of the body.

Complaints you may have include (lower) back, shoulder and neck pain. This is mostly due to an unnatural rotation of the spine. This upper body pain can in turn cause headaches. Pain can also radiate to the arms and hands which can cause tingling. Your hips and back may feel stiff, and you may also experience tingling and uncomfortable sensations in your legs.

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What can a chiropractor do for you?

The symptoms that come with pelvic misalignment do not always immediately suggest the pelvis as the causative agent of the problem. In addition, the crooked pelvis may have occurred in several ways. So it is up to the chiropractor to find out exactly what caused the misalignment.

A chiropractor observes the body as a whole cooperating object, as all parts of the body are interrelated. This involves a close look at the spine and will quickly reveal whether the pelvis is crooked due to, for example, prolonged muscle tension, poor posture or a pinched nerve. Once the cause of the problem is known, the chiropractor can apply appropriate care. This allows the body to function again pain-free and without compensatory techniques.

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What does care for a tilted pelvis look like?

A chiropractor does not use the term treatment. Treatment implies an action that suppresses or addresses symptoms. That is not the essence of chiropractor. In chiropractic care, your chiropractor gives the body a chance to repair itself by your chiropractor creating the right conditions for it to do so. Thus, there is no treatment but care aimed at encouraging natural recovery.

Because the cause of a crooked pelvis can vary so much, the care will also not be the same for everyone. However, the chiropractor does use the same technique. This involves manipulating the joints, such as the vertebrae in the back. This means that appropriate pressure is applied to the joints and bones so that they are back in place. This method also gives the nerves room to recover again in case they were stuck.

When the nerves run free of blockages through the vertebrae, the body is given space to recover. This will reduce the misalignment and eliminate the need for the body to use compensatory techniques to move. Without compensatory techniques, the symptoms that have arisen as a result of contributing and bending other joints will also decrease.

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Why choose TOPCHIRO?

At TOPCHIRO, we make sure you get the care plan that’s best for you. If you recognize yourself in the symptoms and feel that your pelvis is tilted? If so, don’t hesitate to schedule a free call appointment where we will discuss how your symptoms can be cared for by our chiropractors!

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