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Chiropractor care for headaches from the neck

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Besides migraines, headaches from the neck, also called cervicogenic headaches, are one of the most common types of headaches.

Cervicogenic headache is pain in the head that may be caused by an imbalance of structures in the neck. Headaches can cause many obstacles in performing daily activities. That’s why the chiropractors at TOPCHIRO are here for you!

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How does cervicogenic headache occur?

Cervicogenic headaches are headaches resulting from problems in the neck. The neck connects to the head in many ways. For example, the muscles that allow the head to move are attached to the head as well as the neck. The nerves that enable signal transmission between the brain and the rest of the body also run through the neck to the head. Therefore, when a nerve in the neck becomes pinched, it can lead to headaches.

Thus, because of the many structures in the neck and the complex construction of these structures, cervicogenic headaches can have several causes*. Some common causes of cervicogenic headaches are:

that period, the pain often decreases gradually.

Not only do we want our care to make the pain go away much faster, we also want to make sure the attacks don’t come back. To understand how we do this, it’s important to know what’s going on with lumbago.

Acute neck injury

A common cause of cervicogenic headaches is acute neck injury. In acute neck injury, there is sudden damage to the structures in the neck from such things as a car accident or a blow to the neck.

The resulting damage can cause pain in the head.

Postural problems

Sustained poor posture, such as sitting hunched over at your laptop or hunched over in front of the TV, can also result in cervicogenic headaches.

Poor posture puts the wrong strain on the structures in the neck, which can cause headaches.


One of the physical effects of stress is the tightening of muscles. Therefore, when you suffer from long-term stress, your muscles will gradually become overworked.

Partly because of the reduced blood supply to the head area, you may suffer from headaches as a result.

Joint problems

Joint disorders, such as osteoarthritis, can cause joint stiffness, inflammation and pain. Due to the dysfunction of the joints in the neck, headaches can occur.

What are the symptoms in headaches from the neck?

Headaches from the neck usually involve a nagging headache on one side of the head. The pain may radiate to the shoulder or arm on the same side where you also experience the headache.

Also, cervicogenic headaches are often accompanied by pain and stiffness in the neck. This is also not surprising since the cause of the symptoms is in the neck. Symptoms can get worse with pressure on the neck, turning the head or by holding the same posture for long periods of time.

Headaches from the neck resemble other types of headaches, such as migraines or tension headaches. Because headache treatment depends on the type of headache, it is important to consult a specialist to find out the cause of the pain so that a targeted treatment plan can be created.

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Chiropractic care for cervicogenic headaches

The chiropractor can help you when you suffer from cervicogenic headaches. Before treatment is started, there will be an intake interview and physical examination. During the consultation, the practitioner will ask questions about your symptoms and how they arose. The chiropractor will also perform a physical examination.

The conversation and physical examination help the chiropractor identify the cause of your headaches so that appropriate treatment can be chosen.

Treatment of cervicogenic headaches usually focuses on correcting the underlying cause of the headache. So even though you suffer from pain in the head, the chiropractor will particularly apply treatment techniques in the neck. By eliminating the cause of the symptoms, it is less likely that the symptoms will return in the future.

Treatment consists of applying manual pressure techniques that restore the range of motion in the neck, thereby reducing pressure on the structures in the neck. In addition, the chiropractor can provide exercises that will improve your posture or make your neck more taxable, so that the neck is less likely to be strained in the future.

The chiropractors at TOPCHIRO are here for you!

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