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Better sports performance with Chiropractic

Better sports performance with Chiropractic

Top athletes and Chiropractic

Sports and especially high-level sports require a lot from the human body, so it is not surprising that the above athletes had a regular chiropractor on their coaching team. This is a trend that has been going on for some time, particularly in the United States, and is increasingly being followed in other countries.

After all, the chiropractor is an expert of the body and musculoskeletal system and is thus ideally suited to guide a body during and around strenuous exercise.

Whereas top athletes use a chiropractor to achieve optimal performance, many amateur level athletes also benefit greatly from visiting a chiropractor. Paying close attention to the body’s signals improves performance and prevents injury.


The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
prevention of symptoms is the specialty of chiropractic….

MOT for the car, Chiropractic for the Body

You will not be unfamiliar with The MOT Check. We often use this check as an example of our care. Checking your car before defects occur will prevent a lot of misery. Replacing your tires when the tread deteriorates will prevent dangerous situations.

This principle also applies to your body. Small disturbances, wear and tear or imbalance can cause the risk of injury to increase. In addition to injuries, minor disruptions can also cause performance to decrease or recovery to be slower.

For this reason, we also coach many athletes who do not play sports primarily for relaxation and pleasure. Even with these athletes, a lot is sometimes demanded of the body and it is therefore advisable to monitor carefully how your body is doing.

Precisely monitoring and adjusting the body and health on a regular basis is the power of chiropractic.

Better Performance in Sports and Work through Chiropractic Care

For good reason, many people are happy when they can clear their heads for a while on the field, in the hall or in the gym. An hour of good exercise can do wonders against stress. Especially when this hour does not involve pain, injury or other adverse effects.

However, the chiropractor does not just look at injuries. Many people do not have an active injury but have impaired performance due to actions not being performed optimally. As a result, a movement can become taxing more quickly and the activity is tiring more quickly. This both affects athletic performance.

By looking at the entire movement pattern, the chiropractor identifies the weak links. By then taking proper care of them, movement becomes more efficient and performance increases. You exercise at a higher level or enjoy exercising more.

And the latter in turn directly affects “normal” life because it relaxes more during exercise.

Performance optimization at TOPCHIRO

TOPCHIRO always strives for optimal health. This includes performing optimally and enjoying yourself optimally during sports. Especially since the latter also has a direct positive impact on daily life.

We therefore coach both elite athletes and people who play sports for relaxation. By taking care of or even preventing injuries on the one hand and helping to improve athletic performance on the other, we help all athletes towards more fun and more performance.

We would like to introduce you to our way of care that is always focused on optimal health.

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