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A Better Connection with Your Nervous System

A Better Connection with Your Nervous System

Good Connection with Nervous System

When they make an appointment with a chiropractor, they find out that the connection the nervous system makes with the rest of the body is not quite right. The signals are not coming through quite right.

Let’s take an example, this can be compared, for example, to a television.

Over the past year, I received a number of offers to switch my satellite television to a digital television. It seems that there is always a company trying to take first place over the competition by offering a cheaper fee.

Last week I received another such call from a telemarketer asking me, for the umpteenth time… , to change my television service from satellite to digital.

I asked the young lady on the phone what kind of changes I would notice if I switched to the service she suggested. The telemarketer told me that after installing digital television, there would be a better connection and signal transmission in my home and it would mean better overall picture quality for my television.

I’m not an expert on telecommunications, so I can’t really verify the accuracy of her claims. However, I can relate to the concept she is promoting.

As a chiropractor, I have been constantly concerned with the problems of “better connection” “better connection” and “better signals” of the nervous system.

This is also how chiropractors are proceeding during the current corona crisis. We do not offer a cure for corona infection itself, but we can help you improve your defenses (immune system) so that you are less susceptible to infections in general.


Take care of your body and make regular chiropractor appointments.

Effect of Chiropractic on immune cells and signaling substances

A human’s nervous system is in some ways similar to a television studio that broadcasts signals to television sets around the world.

The brain, which could easily be thought of as a television studio, constantly sends signals through the nervous system to various organs and cells in the body. The organs and cells in a human being that regularly receive signals from the brain can also be compared to television sets.

The received signals are transmitted and processed there. At a television set to image and sound, at a body cell to movement or other activity.


What does a chiropractor do again

Chiropractors spend years perfecting techniques in University. All so they can identify and correct a specific problem that may arise within a person’s nervous system.

The type of problem a chiropractor looks for is called a vertebral subluxation.

Subluxations occur when people incorrectly position the vertebrae in their back. The spine normally protects the nervous system from damage and external influences. Sometimes the vertebrae become unbalanced in relation to other vertebrae and put pressure on the nerves that send important signals to the organs and cells in the body.

This condition will very often interfere with much of the brain’s information that is routed to different parts of the body. Information from the brain is vital, and a person’s health cannot be maintained for long if these signals are disrupted. So the connection must be restored so that the signal gets through better.

Regular Check-ups by a Chiropractor

Chiropractors regularly check their patients’ vertebrae for the presence of vertebral subluxations. The chiropractor will manually reposition the vertebra in question.

Correction of the spine is a powerful tool to restore proper functioning of the nervous system. Many people often find out late that they are suffering from a subluxation. Regular visits to a chiropractor will prevent you from walking around with it for too long.

To return to our example, think of this as servicing television. If you take better care of the television, it will last longer. Therefore, a chiropractor should be considered an important member of your family’s professional health care team.

I know that many people regularly upgrade their television products to digital television or satellite (depending on who you talk to) so I thought it would be a good idea to inform members of our community about another important connection that needs to be watched closely: Your own nervous system.

Get your spine checked by a qualified chiropractor today!

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