Do you really want to get healthier

We Don't Live as Healthy as You Think

There are few things that concern people more than the state of their bodies and minds.

So for that reason, people also take extreme care with their bodies.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many people do not get the most out of their health at all. This is due to a combination of factors that are different for almost everyone. As a chiropractor we see it as our task to promote the health of our clients.

Not for nothing is a chiropractor often seen as a personal advisor who guides people in getting and keeping an optimal health.



Not for nothing is a chiropractor often seen as a personal advisor who guides people in getting and keeping an optimal health.


What health risks do we as Chiropractors often see?

Western society offers us an extraordinary amount of comfort, relaxation and challenge. However, all these wonderful things often also have a downside. We want to highlight three factors and give you our view on them.

Please note! This vision is based on decades of experience and hundreds of years of research and science!


1. Medication use and Chiropractic (hint: they don't often go together)

Yes it is wonderful to not have a headache or to fall asleep easily. Painkillers and benzodiazepines/sleep aids/muscle relaxants are therefore taken quite heavily. Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people take these drugs on a regular basis! In 2018, there were even more than a million people who used a relaxant.

Let these numbers sink in. Hundreds of thousands and millions!

All these people are taking chemicals to avoid feeling things or experiencing things. So this amounts to taking unnatural substances to disrupt bodily processes. So there is a signal from the body (pain or stress hormone) that indicates something is not right.

Wouldn't it make much more sense to find and address the cause rather than suppress the signal?

A chiropractor can help you change this. This means that we take the body's signal seriously and look for the cause. When this cause is taken care of, then medication is not necessary.

2. Inactivity. Chiropractic stands for natural movement

Many people lead a sedentary existence. We sit at work, at dinner and in the evening on the couch (behind TV or screen).

This is not how we as humans have lived for thousands of years. Our Western society in particular has a total life pattern than the one we have always had. This has a direct effect on all kinds of processes and structures in our body.

For example, our spine is stressed differently due to the sedentary existence. As chiropractors we receive a lot of people who develop subluxations because of this. By taking care of these subluxations and giving people advice on specific movement, we can make a big difference for our clients.


3. Food and Beverages (the Chiropractor recommends Water!)

A well-known problem in our society is the availability of artificial foods. The stores are full of all kinds of products called "foods."

However, these products (cookies, chips, bars, sweetened yogurts, reheated meals) have no nutritional value whatsoever!

The same goes for sugary/caffeinated drinks. These beverages disrupt our bodies.

By providing our bodies with these products, our bodies are not getting the nutrition they need. Therefore, your chiropractor always advises: eat natural products as much as you want and manufactured products in moderation. And do not forget to drink plenty of water to give your body the chance to get rid of waste products.

Better health with chiropractic care begins by embarking on a (hopefully very long) journey together with chiropractor and client. We will assist you on a regular basis and monitor your health.

There is a reason why TOPCHIRO is the Number 1 chiropractic practice in the Netherlands!