What is a subluxation?

What is a Subluxation and how does it affect me?

A subluxation occurs when one or more vertebrae in the spine move out of their ideal position and/or when there is a restriction of movement between two vertebral joints (fixation).

This can cause pressure and/or irritation on a spinal nerve of the spinal cord resulting in a dysfunction of the nerve. The spinal nerves are the nerves that come out of the spine from the spinal cord between two vertebrae. Pressure or irritation on these nerves can disrupt communication of nerves among themselves or nerves to the body.

This has a great effect on the functioning of our body!



The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.


Causes of Subluxations

Causes of a subluxation are 3 different types of stress:



This is usually caused by a sudden and unforeseen movement such as a whiplash car accident, a fall down the stairs, a slip due to not having seen a step, and don't forget the sports injuries. But, the mechanical stress can also come from less obvious things like chronic overload, improper lifting, wrong posture, wrong shoes etc..

Even childbirth is a known cause of subluxations due to mechanical stress.

It is quite possible that the symptoms do not appear until much later, which sometimes makes diagnosis difficult.



The human body cannot tolerate certain substances such as nicotine, caffeine and medicines.

Coffee, for example, can cause chronic subluxation of the thoracic vertebrae, because the coffee can irritate the stomach lining. Irritation of the stomach lining leads to excess nerve impulses to the spinal cord. That part of the spinal cord becomes overloaded, causing a cramping of the muscles between the vertebrae at that level.

The segment of motion will be worse as a result: The subluxation has occurred.

The irritation continues and the impulses flow over to other nerve pathways such as to the large abdominal muscles.

Not enough vitamins, not enough water, smoking, too fatty/processed food, alcohol, aspartame, etc. can also cause a subluxation.



Stress is a common phenomenon in this day and age. Stress works cumulatively, i.e. it builds up. Stress produces increased muscle tension which leads to the creation of subluxations. These subluxations in turn cause more muscle tension creating a vicious circle.

In breaking this circle the chiropractor plays an important role.


Free from Subluxations

Recent research is increasingly showing the negative effects of subluxations on our bodies. Similarly, it is increasingly being shown that the removal of subluxations increases our body's ability to repair itself.

To function in a truly healthy way, your nervous system must be free from any disturbance in the transmission of its signals.
The latter is the job of a chiropractor. As an expert in the field of health, the chiropractor is a specialist in removing blockages and promoting optimal health.

We would like to get in touch with you to help you (re)discover your optimal health.


Can I just visit a Chiropractor?

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