What is Caesar therapy ( and the difference with chiropractic)

Cesar therapy is a form of exercise that is sometimes offered for back pain.

The essence of this therapy is that there are good and bad ways to perform actions. Performing actions in the wrong way results in complaints that would not occur if the action was performed correctly. For this reason caesarean therapy (strongly related to physiotherapy) focuses on the way one moves, lifts and bends, for example.

Wanneer er sprake is van een verkeerde manier van bewegen, dan kan dit volgens de therapeuten allerlei klachten geven. Deze klachten verdwijnen wanneer de oorzaak wordt weggenomen, namelijk de verkeerde manier van bewegen of het verkeerd uitvoeren van handelingen.

An aware reader may see parallels with chiropractic here. Chiropractic also involves an optimal way of performing actions. For this reason, we also practice movements with our clients. However, chiropractic care goes beyond correcting movements and actions.

Chiropractic also looks at the reason why movements are not performed optimally. After all, there is a reason why the body does not function or move optimally. The cause can be found in, for example, a misalignment of the back or a subluxation. This misalignment causes pain when sitting, causing the patient to adjust his posture. The result is bad posture which causes muscles or vertebrae to be loaded unequally.

Of course, the incorrect posture must then be corrected. However, if the misalignment of the back is not also corrected, the patient's original symptoms will return. The operation may be performed correctly, but it still does not result in optimal health. For this reason a chiropractor will always investigate the reason why the body is not functioning optimally.

Is caesarian therapy covered by insurance?

Cesar therapy is reimbursed from the supplementary package. The same applies to chiropractic care.

This means that you would do well to adjust your insurance in time. If you want to correct a movement or even improve your health with a chiropractor, it may be that the treatment will not initially be reimbursed.

To avoid this, you can opt for supplementary insurance so that you are assured of proper chiropractic care. You will then not have to worry about the reimbursement of the help.

Chiropractic: More than Caesar Therapy

Although caesarean therapy can be helpful against a complaint, chiropractic is focused on improving one's overall health.

Do I need a referral for Cesar therapy?

No, you do not need a referral for either chiropractic or caesarean therapy. This means that you can make an appointment with the chiropractor yourself. During an initial meeting it is then examined what help is most appropriate for you.

An advice will be drawn up for you and a plan will be designed. Because you do not need a referral from the doctor, the help can be started very quickly.

Is it wise for me to do Cesar Therapy?

Cesar therapy is a form of therapy that certainly has its attractions. However, our experience as a chiropractic practice is that this form of help is not complete. The cause of the symptoms may be deeper or not immediately obvious.

Het is dan de taak en de specialiteit van de chiropractor is dan het opsporen van de reden van de klachten en het verhelpen van deze oorzaak.

Get to know Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is more than fixing complaints, aches and pains. Chiropractic is a fusion of centuries-old medical techniques and modern scientific insights.

This combination gives us some unique skills that produce spectacular results.

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