What does a chiropractor do?

What can a chiropractor do for you?

There are still many uncertainties about chiropractic. Because chiropractic is so popular, more and more people are coming into contact with chiropractic. This creates new people who sit with questions.

We would like to help you by explaining a few things about our profession.

The chiropractor as health promoter

Chiropractic is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. And there are good reasons for this!

The chiropractor assists people with all sorts of health problems. Chiropractic care is not only aimed at relieving pain, injuries, complaints and problems. Chiropractic also aims to achieve optimal health. This means that a chiropractor is not only involved in health problems but certainly also in healthy individuals.

The chiropractor is therefore as much a health promoter as someone who offers help to clients with complaints.

The chiropractor has various techniques at his or her disposal. All actions of a chiropractor are based on a thorough knowledge of the human body and extensive experience with various complaints.

This experience was partly gained during the long university studies and then in the contact with clients.
The essence of the work of a chiropractor is the elimination of (physical) complaints from clients and promoting the health of clients.


The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.

Chiropractor or Bone Cracker

The general public knows chiropractic mainly from the so-called "cracking". The term bone cracker or cracker is therefore often used for chiropractors.

However, this term is not correct. The chiropractor is an expert with a great deal of knowledge of the human body and therefore certainly does not crack bones. The term probably comes from the plopping sound that joints sometimes make when a chiropractor corrects the position of the joint. By the escape of some air/gas from the joint, a snap may be heard.

This snap is harmless but has probably made such an impression on many people that the chiropractor has received an additional name because of it.

When can I go to a Chiropractor?

So a chiropractor is not only someone who fixes symptoms but also a health promoter. So when is it advisable to visit a chiropractor?

In case of complaints, pain or problems

Heel veel klachten of pijn kan worden verklaard door een verkeerde stand van wervels of een niet optimale houding. Hierdoor kunnen subluxaties ontstaan die allerlei verschillende problemen kunnen geven.

Because the subluxations can have such diverse consequences, many complaints can be treated by a chiropractor. This is not only the case for back pain. Your chiropractor is also the appropriate specialist for such headaches or osteoarthritis complaints. Experience shows that almost any complaint can benefit from the specialized help of an experienced chiropractor.

When you are already healthy and want to stay healthy

The chiropractor is the specialist in the field of prevention of complaints. Therefore we receive more and more people who come for advice, exercises and support in maintaining their good health. These are for example (top) athletes, decision makers in business or artists.

Because these people are all strongly dependent on their health, they come to us to keep it as healthy as possible.

Can I just visit a Chiropractor?

Yes, you can at TOPCHIRO!

U kunt ons altijd bellen of een WhatsApp-bericht of mailtje sturen. Er is geen verwijzing van bijvoorbeeld een huisarts nodig, u kunt zelf contact opnemen.

Often you can come to us within one to several days!