My Car Comes First

Chiropractic: Guarding Your Health

Have you ever noticed that most people take very good care of their cars? It is the really true... The Dutch are fanatics when it comes to car maintenance....

Car Maintenance

Just last week I waited in line for two hours to get an oil change for my own car... I too perform regular maintenance on both of my vehicles because I realize that my cars are extremely expensive pieces of equipment and I want to benefit from my investments for a large number of years. I know that for some people, a garage, a set of tools, lots of oil, and a car scattered in parts are a heavenly experience.

Working on a car for an entire weekend is not my idea of the heavenly life. A car, in my opinion, is a necessary evil that makes traveling to and from different destinations a much easier solution. Much easier than trying to achieve the same effect without the convenience of a modern technology.

The Role of the Chiropractor

The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.

Not going for health but material happiness?

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1987 and throughout my professional career I have always tried to educate my clients and members of the local community about the importance of regular chiropractic checkups.

I have found it incredibly amazing that so many people I have spoken with over the years have shown the same amazing attitude: my car comes first..

I had many long conversations with prospective clients in my practice who told me that chiropractic care was far too expensive for them. These people told me that they were trying to save money to make major improvements to their cars.

If we, Dutch people, spent as much time taking care of our bodies as we do taking care of our cars, we would be a much healthier society. I can understand scheduling free time during a busy work week to perform maintenance on a vehicle. To then not spend the same amount of time to perform regular maintenance on your own body, in order to maintain a higher level of health, seems quite illogical to me. If you are not healthy, you certainly will not use your car or any other material item you may own much.

Chiropractic care is a very cost-effective way to improve a person's overall health.

Zet Gezondheid weer op de Eerste Plaats

Neem deze maand de tijd om je eigen lichaam te verbeteren en onthoud dat je gezondheid van vitaal belang is voor jou en dat chiropractie je kan helpen deze te verbeteren! Doe jezelf een groot plezier en bel vandaag nog een gekwalificeerde chiropractor om een ​​afspraak voor jou en je familieleden te plannen.

Het zal je letterlijk de rest van je leven terugbetalen.

Niet alleen als u last heeft van klachten, gaat u langs bij een chiropractor. Ook om uw gezondheid op peil te houden en klachten te voorkomen gaat u langs bij een chiropractor. Neem dus contact op voor een afspraak en merk hoe uw gezondheid verbeterd!