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Attentive care for efficient, natural healing. Your health is our priority.
In addition to relieving acute pain, we focus on the general well-being of our
client. We do this, among other things, through the natural healing processes of the
to restart the nervous system.

Headaches and migraines

Headaches are a common complaint that can be easily remedied with chiropractic care. There are many different types of headaches and migraines for which chiropractic can be a solution.

Complaints in children

Chiropractic is not just for adults. Children/babies can also benefit greatly from chiropractic, because children can also have complaints.

Neck pain

A sore neck can severely limit you when you work or relax. Neck pain is often a result of problems in the neck or central nerve tract.

Shoulder Complaints

Client with shoulder pain often feel the effects of irritation on the soft tissue surrounding the joint related to muscles, tendons, joint capsules and bursa.

Back pain/Hernia

A sore back can severely limit you at work or while relaxing. The pain is often the result of problems in your spine or central nervous system.


Wear and tear, also called osteoarthritis, on the spine is what plaque is to teeth: even if we brush and do our best to prevent it, deposits can still form on teeth.

What we do

Natural and Effective Healing for Optimal Health

Whether you do heavy physical work or sit in the office all day; preventing injuries and staying healthy is done by taking good care of your body.

We believe in a holistic approach to health. This means that for a multidisciplinary and well-informed approach to your general well-being stand


A satisfied client

"As a retired sports therapist, I know the importance of chiropractic. It's seen as alternative medicine, but it's actually centuries old. I can't imagine life without chiropractors."

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Personalized Care That You Can Depend On

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The Best Medics, Doctors & Physicians For A Healing Touch

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Why do people love us?

I had suffered from annoying migraines for 15 years and after the birth of my second son it only got worse. No medication helped. I was at my wits' end. Thanks to TOPCHIRO I hardly suffer from this anymore and even my vision has improved !!
While playing tennis my shoulder started to give way. Via the family doctor, physio and masseur, who couldn't do anything, I ended up at TOPCHIRO. After a few weeks I didn't feel the injury anymore!
John ter Meer
I could hardly or not at all sleep because of pain in neck, shoulders, arms and back. I tried all kinds of things, but nothing helped. Then I went to the chiropractor. Soon I noticed a clear difference. I owe a lot to TOPCHIRO.
I could hardly sleep because of pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and back. I've tried everything, but it didn't help. Then I went to the chiropractor. I soon noticed a clear difference. I owe a lot to TOPCHIRO.
Gerri van Woezik