Is My Child Too Young for Chiropractic Care?


Rarely a week goes by without a client asking me if his or her child is too young to begin chiropractic care.

I believe there is a common perception among many people that chiropractic care is dangerous for children.

The opposite is true! Chiropractic care is one of the best forms of health care that parents can give their children.

In fact, the nervous system is extremely important because it coordinates the rest of a person's body. When the nervous system stops responding correctly, it won't be long before serious illnesses develop.

Even the immune system, which is responsible for maintaining a good defense against bacteria and viral microbes, is very dependent on a properly functioning nervous system.

Children, even more than adults, are in the midst of developing their immune systems. Therefore, it is very important to properly maintain their nervous system.



The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.


The Importance of Chiropractic

Een goede uitlijning van de wervelkolom, die zorgt voor een optimale werking van het zenuwstelsel, wordt vaak over het hoofd gezien door reguliere artsen. Artsen,  die medicijnen toe dienen als een logische manier om een ​​gezond immuunsysteem te behouden.

It is widely recognized by all health care providers, however, that an intact and healthy nervous system is vital to a person's continued good health.

Despite broad agreement by traditional physicians on the importance the nervous system plays in a person's health, it is still a common practice within mainstream medicine to ignore the dangers of spinal subluxations.

Fortunately for the your health and that of your children, the profession of chiropractic will always have as its goal the stability of the spine.


Chiropractic for Everyone

I believe that chiropractic care should be available to all children!

As for me personally, I checked and corrected my own daughter right after she was born. She had a subluxation due to birth. It is likely that many children have suffered a subluxation during birth. Over the years, a number of medical scientists have even done research suggesting that abnormalities (subluxations) were the cause of certain cases of crib death.

Today, parents are convinced that toxic vaccines filled with mercury, aluminum, antifreeze and a number of other disgusting toxins can make a child healthier. These same parents are convinced (by traditional media sources and other medical propaganda) that chiropractic is a danger to our children.

My advice to parents throughout our community, is to start thinking "outside the box of conventional medical wisdom" and contact a qualified chiropractor immediately.

So that you can give your children a steady regular care through chiropractic.

Because certainly our children deserve the very best care!

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