The Myovision scan: no radiation but more insight

Our practice has been using the MyoVision scan for many years. We use this scan to gain even more insight into the health of our clients. The MyoVision scan is also becoming increasingly well known. We notice that we are increasingly approached by people who specifically ask about our MyoVision scan.

We would therefore like to tell you more about this scan and about the ways we use it to improve your health.



The chiropractor is not only involved in complaints, precisely
the prevention of complaints is the specialty of chiropractic.


De MyoVision Scan als Screening voor Subluxaties

If you are familiar with our clinics, then you are probably also familiar with the term subluxation. To refresh your memory: A subluxation is a disruption of nerves. These often occur around the spine and can cause symptoms in other areas of the body.

With the MyoVision Scan we can detect these subluxations. We do this by measuring your muscle tension. When we measure that this is increased or decreased, we can look for the cause of the abnormality.

Of course we do not rely on the scan alone, we combine it with a thorough physical examination and anamnesis.

We often say: What the chiropractor feels, the MyoVision Scan makes visible!


The MyoVision Scan is 100% Safe

As we said, the scan does not use radiation or chemicals. We measure the activity of muscles. This activity is observed, so nothing is emitted to the body.

This makes the MyoVision completely safe to use for the elderly, children and even pregnant women. This is in contrast to, for example, X-rays, the use of which can be harmful, especially for vulnerable groups.


Not only in case of complaints a MyoVision scan

Many people only see a specialist when they are in pain. We encourage you to come in for check-ups at times when you are not experiencing any symptoms.

Beginning entrapment can then be detected and taken care of before it develops further and can cause complaints.

After all, it is much better to prevent complaints than to take care of them!


MyoVision Scan at TOPCHIRO

Our practice has access to state-of-the-art MyoVision Scans at all of our locations. Just as important as the equipment, is the person who operates the equipment and interprets the results.

At TOPCHIRO, we therefore pay a great deal of attention to the training of our staff. It is precisely because of our employees that we can help so many people.

We therefore invite you to contact one of our branches to have yourself examined by our MyoVision Scan.