Chiropractic Care for children

Children in particular benefit from chiropractic care

Chiropractic is more than treating symptoms. Chiropractic is the promotion of the natural strength of the body by removing blockages and stimulating the body in the right way.

Chiropractic care is therefore enormously important, especially with children. Children are growing and are therefore busy laying the foundation for their future. They do this both mentally and physically. Blockages such as subluxations or misalignments can still affect them years later.

For this reason, chiropractors are especially involved in the health of children.

By removing blockages and allowing the body to function optimally, children can reach their full potential both physically and mentally.

And builds on a stable platform in later years.


Causes of complaints in children

Children's bodies are in full development. Muscles, bones and other structures alternate growth spurts. This can lead to uneven pressure or body parts being pulled out of alignment.

Add to this falls and sometimes poor posture (sitting crookedly, hanging) and of course hereditary factors.
The consequences of this can be diverse, fortunately many complaints can be remedied with the right care!


Common Care in Children

The growth that children go through creates extra pressure and stress on the body. There are a number of complaints/problems that occur regularly.


Scoliosis: Misalignment of the spine

Our body is built around our spine. This means that other structures are connected to the vertebrae and exert a lot of pressure on them. Because this pressure is sometimes uneven, the spine can be loaded unequally. This can cause a skewed position of the spine.

Especially in children, this is a very annoying complaint, also because a misalignment of the back can cause additional problems later in life.


Uneven Leg Length: Often a Problem with the Back

Uneven leg length and therefore pelvic misalignment is also often related to a problem in the back. Because muscles are cramped, one side of the pelvis is pulled up.

An uneven position of the pelvis then results in a length difference in the legs.


Our approach to problems in children

The correction of the symptoms begins with an intake in which we do a thorough examination. For example, we look at symmetry of the body, muscle tone and posture. Nerves can also be stimulated to identify any subluxations.

By then performing targeted corrections, recommending exercises and a different posture, the chiropractor can resolve blockages. After the corrections, there is often a period of attention to the maintenance of the body to prevent subluxations from occurring again.


Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care for children

Is chiropractic care for children safe?

Yes it is. The chiropractor is aware of the treatment techniques and their advantages and disadvantages. In children, therefore, only appropriate, gentle techniques will be used.

How often should my child come back?

This has to do with the complaint on the one hand but also with prevention. As you visit a dentist regularly for check-ups, so can your chiropractor. By checking regularly and sometimes adjusting slightly, a lot of problems can be prevented.

How do I recognize complaints in my children?

The real examination is done by the specialist chiropractor. You can watch out for indications that may require the help of a chiropractor.


Does my child benefit from care from a chiropractor?

These three indications can quickly tell you that your child may benefit from a chiropractic correction.

  1. Both legs are not the same length: This can be due to a misalignment or uneven muscle tone. In this case, a skirt may hang crookedly or pant legs may appear uneven.
  2. Unevenly worn shoes may indicate a misalignment or poor posture
  3. A difference in shoulder height may indicate a misalignment or posture problem

Take your children seriously, offer them the best health. It is precisely in the young years that the foundations are laid for health in later life.

By bringing children into contact with the right help in good time, many problems can be prevented.

Optimal health for your children often begins with the chiropractor.