With chiropractic care well prepared for winter sports

Enjoying your Winter Sports to the fullest with Chiropractic Care

As chiropractors, we are known as connoisseurs of the body and anatomy par excellence.

For this reason, many winter sports enthusiasts find our practice every year. We help with the recovery of injuries and complaints that have occurred during winter sports.

This ranges from rehabilitation after surgery to taking care of back problems. Back pain in particular is a major source of discomfort after winter sports. The blows on the slopes combined with the unusual posture and the relatively heavy treatment can cause complications in the back. You can think of entrapment, muscle injuries and subluxations.

All of these complaints receive our full care and we are happy to assist our clients in this regard.
As health advocates, however, we want more. Prevention is always better than cure in our eyes. For this reason we assist people even before they leave for their snow destination. Through a thorough check and any advice or care, much suffering can be prevented.

It is therefore always possible to contact us before your trip to be optimally prepared. In addition to this intensive check-up, we also offer a number of advices and areas of attention so that you can enjoy optimal health during your winter sports.


Unexpectedly, Just that third day is dangerous!

We'll start with a probably unexpected statistic. Most accidents happen on the third day of skiing or boarding. So not on the first day, when everything is getting used to again. as you might expect.

Precisely on the third day there is a communication of more confidence and at the same time fatigue occurring. This fatigue causes a less accurate reaction to unexpected situations. And then there is more likely to be a fall, collision or twist.

So pay attention to whether you should not build in some extra rest on day three!


The Third Day in the Snow

Op dag drie van de wintersport gebeuren de meeste ongelukken. Oorzaken zijn vermoeidheid en overbelasting


Good preparation, against injuries

Right, but also outside the third day there are many injuries. You can also take measures to prevent this. These begin with a good preparation even before you leave.

Build up condition, strength and balance. Because winter sports require a lot of strength from the legs and core, they deserve extra attention. By doing squats and bending the knees or going for an extra walk, you help your legs to get stronger.

By doing exercises for your back and abdominal muscles, you also help your core to become more stable. Think about sit-ups for example.

Also, cycling always helps build strength!


Remember the Warming Up, also in winter sports

As with any sport, the warm up is also important in winter sports. This is very often forgotten. The result is that damage occurs to, for example, tires. This damage results in less power and control and can therefore cause additional accidents. So even with this, a good warm-up is important.

Make sure you at least walk a little before you go on the slats. You can also use a number of stretching exercises to prepare your joints for the effort.

In the same way, a cooling down after the winter sports of the day is also beneficial.


On the slopes, injury prevention

It goes without saying that good equipment is of great importance. This means not only shoes and skis of the right size and quality. But also breathable and sufficiently warm clothing.


Certainly gloves!

Take enough rest and build up your vacation. This means that you do not immediately on the first day, all the risks. A day of income can be very wise.

Take plenty of breaks in between so that you can recharge physically and mentally. Drink plenty of water, because a lot of water can evaporate unnoticed in the sun and thin air.

When all the snow fun is over, we will be there, too, of course. This means that you can come to us for minor corrections or extra quick recovery.

You can also come to us for rehabilitation in case of major injuries.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.