These celebrities can't live without chiropractic care

What do Roger Federer and Justin Bieber have in common?

Both can't live without their chiropractors.

For Justin Bieber this goes a long way, he makes sure that at every show both his own and a local chiropractor are present. In his own words, he needs this chiropractic care to perform at his level. The fact that a healthy man is assisted by a chiropractor shows that chiropractors do not only treat problems. Precisely maintaining the body and preventing complaints is essential within chiropractic.

Keeping a body in optimal condition is the reason for many high performers in various disciplines to be assisted by a chiropractor.

Top athletes and chiropractic care

Many top athletes are guided by a chiropractor.
An example is Novak Djokovic who even had his chiropractor treat him during the final of the US Open against Roger Federer.

The result?

Well he won the final....

On the other hand, Roger Federer is also regularly assisted by a chiropractor so the tennis world is very aware of the skills within chiropractic.

US Open final 2015

Novak Djokovic was treated by his chiropractor during the final.

Roger Federer had his own chiropractor on standby throughout the match

This applies to both male and female elite athletes. Even top tennis star Venus Williams,winner of many Grand Slams, claims that she owes much of her resilience to regular visits to her chiropractor.

Even the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, relies on chiropractic care to be in top form.

Again, his chiropractors don't just assist him with complaints. His chiropractor is especially important in preventing injuries and keeping his body in optimal condition.

If these top performers rely on chiropractors to reach their absolute peak.

This phenomenon is not limited to top athletes, even stars swear by their personal chiropractor.

Stars and Chiropractic

We already mentioned Justin Bieber, who never goes out without his chiropractor.

But Madonna, for example, also relies on her chiropractor to perform optimally.

This is also the reason why Madonna has her own chiropractor fly in with her at every performance. Now that she is well over 50, Madonna is very aware of what the optimal care for her body is.

Her main reason for relying on her chiropractor is that he helps her recover faster from the exertions of show.

This is another example of not fixing symptoms but rather preventing them.

Political Leaders and Chiropractic

For those who are not yet convinced and may think that "stars" do more strange things; political leaders are also assisted by a chiropractor in large numbers.

The most famous example of this is Donald Trump. His personal friend and chiropractor Dr. Kaplan is always on hand to ensure his optimal health.

Dr. Kaplan is partly responsible for the energy he still has at 70 years old for one of the toughest offices in the world.

And as for his earlier counterpart, Barack Obama, he too is a great advocate of the importance of chiropractic. He underscores this by literally recognizing the importance of chiropractic care in his text for Obamacare.

Barack Obama

I believe that chiropractors must play an integral role in expanding access to preventive care and strengthening our public health system.

Performance and Chiropractic

All these people who rely heavily on their body and mind to perform to the maximum time and again choose chiropractic care.

It is important to emphasize that they do not only do this to cure their complaints but also to prevent them and to be optimally prepared.

TOPCHIRO has a large number of (top) athletes and top performers among its clients. It is our task to ensure that they can perform optimally. The fact that all these high performers keep coming to us indicates that we can really help them to perform better.

We do this through a specific and fully customized program for your body and mind. After a thorough examination, together we will map out areas in which you can make gains. Then we go to work to remove any blockages, deficiencies or subluxations so that you can perform optimally.

Every day anew.