Shoulder Complaints


Clients with shoulder pain often feel the effects of irritation of the soft tissue around the joint associated with muscles, tendons, joint capsules and bursas.

Common causes of shoulder pain are:

  • an incorrect posture
  • a lot of tension or stress
  • osteoarthritis or wear and tear
  • An incorrect or sudden movement

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? A regular visit to the chiropractor can reduce and prevent you from suffering from these symptoms.
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Why choose TOPCHIRO

TOPCHIRO employs only highly experienced chiropractors. Through our combination of traditional and scientific techniques we know how to make your body function optimally again. You do not come to us just to get rid of your symptoms, we mainly treat the cause of the symptoms. This makes your complaints disappear.


Children are not little adults. They fall, run and get back up. When starting chiropractic care early, there is less chance of health problems later.


(Top) athletes

Many athletes have pains, injuries and sometimes even long-term complaints. These can often be remedied when the right treatment is started. Also for preventive care and better sports performance you have come to the right place.




Babies' bodies are still developing, in addition to having often taken a hit from childbirth. Chiropractic care can give babies lifelong benefits.