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Isabel Turri

Isabel Turri

Chiropractor Weert

Isabel Turri

I am Isabel Turri and I am one of the chiropractors you will find here at TOPCHIRO Weert. I studied chiropractic at the “Madrid College of Chiropractic” in Spain. Then I worked for 1 year in Burgos, Spain, where I was able to help many people of different ages!

I discovered chiropractic thanks to my mother. She had migraines and chiropractic care could help her live better.

So even though I had no symptoms, I also started a chiropractic plan and felt changes in my body. From that moment, I understood that this was the profession I would want to do: helping people through my hands and making them more aware of their bodies and the brilliant capabilities they offer us.

So I am ready to help you! In Italian, Spanish, English and (a little) Dutch 😉
Hope to see you soon!

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– Isabel Turri

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