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Didrik Winsnes

Didrik Winsnes

Co-owner and Chiropractor Den Bosch and The Hague

Didrik Winsnes

Born and raised just outside Norway’s capital Oslo, I moved to The Netherlands early in 2020 to develop myself as a person and as a chiropractor. I’ve embraced the dutch roller skating culture in the absence of hills, snow and the possibility to do cross country skiing.

By being active in my youth and with a specialisation in sports during high school, I became quickly fascinated by our body and how it functions. This led me to studying chiropractic.

With a wide variety of experience when it comes to working with peoples health, I now have deep passion for working with everyone within the family. From the small toddler to the senior citizen. Everyones health matters.

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“Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it.”
Bronnie Ware

– Didrik Winsnes

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Location Den Bosch

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Monday 08:30-12:30 16:00-19:00
Tuesday 08:30-12:30 16:00-19:00
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Zuid-Willemsvaart 51, 5211 SC ‘s-Hertogenbosch


WhatsApp: 06-57926691
E-mail: denbosch@topchiro.nl

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