Chiropractie bij spanningshoofdpijn

december 17, 2021 By root In Anders
Chiropractie bij spanningshoofdpijn
Hoofdpijn is een klacht die helaas vaak voorkomt. Veel mensen zijn dan ook niet ongerust wanneer ze hoofdpijn hebben: de pijn is meestal tijdelijk en geen aanleiding tot zorgen....

Scared of the Chiropractor?

december 13, 2021 By root In Anders
I know that some of you guys are scared of me. I’m not surprised with the kind of videos that float around the internet. Chiropractic is all about the nervous system, not these 24 bones that go up and down your spine. It’s not about the noise. Cracking is for your knuckles, not your spin...

A Medical Doctor Must Refer You To A Chiropractor?

november 18, 2021 By root In Anders
When I was growing up, I was always told, “you need to consult with a medical professional.” Is it a conversation across the desk and a new pharmaceutical prescription the best that we can do for our health? I began to think that it wasn’t. I’m glad I learned that. Now I&#821...